< Sawa weeps about Daiya

What I have been doing these two days is, visited Metropolian museum of art (it was so big that we couldn’t look at it all), Central Park, Rockfeller center and Brooklyn bridge at night~

I’ll upload stuff tomorrow… :’D
Went and took photos of Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge when it got dark~ it was a pretty sight I must say .w.

It’s funny how many random people telling me that they love my boots :’D

Visited this little area in NYC today, Korea town. What can I say, I really like it :’D

Well day 2 here in NYC~ Didn’t really take many photos today :’D

Visited ground zero, broadway (no musical tho) and time square and i’m still very confused over how you guys pay with credit card. Like.. no pin code just signing ._.? how can you be sure that the one holding the card is the true owner. Oh well it’s not too hard atleast.

Also I wonder how many times I have been in the underground today… too many to count.

AYYEEEEEE how was your flight?? Glad you landed safely :’D AND WELCOME TO AMERICA LOOLOL new york is great omg make sure you go shopping and eat pizza from Little Italy and go to times square !!!! Also broadwayyyyy
WIIIIH THANK YOUUU I’ll enjoy my stay <3, well the flight was long but it went well but man the security in Germany and when we came to the US SHIT GOT SERIOUS. Tho the entry to the US wasn’t as bad as I thought, really the Germany border is worse, sooo many things to check.
Ahh I just went to Broadway and came back a minute ago~
Ahahah imma try to visit as many places as I can while we are here .w.

I’m addicted to how the sky looks over the clouds. Also look at those blocks of ice :-: that was from somewhere in Canada and maaaan it was pretty. That view from our room tho.

Whoop I couldn’t get on the net yesterday but now I’m here :’D it’s 6am and my mind tells me thats it’s afternoon already. We ended up staying awake for 24hours so I’m tierd~ imma upload some photos in a sec .w.

Basically every update from now until next Sunday will be me running around yelling what I’m doing in NYC. So if you don’t want your dash filled with stupid text posts and pics blacklist travellingsaw. *whispers* Yes I’m a friggin saw I’ll cut down trees and people.